Lord of the Flies Chapter 10

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Lord of the Flies- Chapter 10 Commentary In chapter 9, we saw the death of Simon, and in this chapter we see how the boys react to Simon’s murder in different ways. Ralph is the only one who admits what happened- Simon was deliberately murdered. Ralph is still civilised enough to accept the truth and take responsibility for his own actions. On the other hand, Piggy rights off what happened to only be an ‘accident’. Ralph accepts Piggy’s excuse that they were ‘only on the outside’ and therefore were not entirely apart of what happened to Simon. Piggy and Ralph are unwillingly to accept that the evil they see in Jack also is in them. Golding is implying that savagery is a more basic human instinct than civilisation. After all, we are taught to be civilised by the rules of society, we are not born with perfect moral values. Jack reacts to Simon’s death by telling the tribe that they attacked the beast, but he says that it can’t be killed. The boys in Jack’s tribe avoid feeling guilty because they say that the beast was disguised suggesting how Jack’s manipulation has fooled them once again. Everyone except Ralph, Piggy, Sam’n’eric and the littluns have joined Jack’s tribe. Ralph has lost all of his power to Jack. Piggy insists that Ralph’s ‘still chief’, but Ralph is well aware that the power dynamic on the island has shifted completely to Jack’s side. Roger says (about Jack), ‘’he’s a proper chief, isn’t he?’’. Roger becomes more savage than any of the other characters. Roger and the rest of the boys no longer need to challenge for Jack’s authority because Jack has created violence that is in explainable. An example of this is when Jack is ‘going to beat Wilfred’ just for the sake of it. In the rest of the novel, Golding only refers to Jack as ’the chief’. This is because he doesn’t see the rest of the boys as human beings, which might explain why he is able to

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