Lord of the Flies by Blaise Armstrong

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Blaise Armstrong 04/15/13 Mr. Grout English 7-8 LOTF Essay The Lord of the Flies by William Golding The lord of the flies story is an absolutely perfect picking pot for symbolism. Its very nature represents something. Every little symbol from the conch shell that Ralph obtains from the beach, to the masks that jack's tribe wears has an underlying meaning. This story also takes on plenty of forms of allegory. There is evidence of moral, social, and spiritual allegory on numerous occasions although, spiritual feels like it is the most evident. This book shows the true nature of humans to the tee. Humans have two classifications and that is good and evil. Today's society is based on order and structure. Money, social classes, is how we separate the different ideas and traits that make us all different. Without this separation and order our world would fall into absolute chaos because we lose our drive to live and be human. If you look into the humanistic past, you would see that for hundreds of years we have lived in some kind of social order and that has kept our head on our shoulders for as far back as we can remember. Whether its the ancient Egyptians living under the monarch of the pharaoh, or the British living under the British parliament, we all have order and civilization. Our race has a place in this world. Ours was not designed to live in the brutal savagery of the animal kingdom. We are designed to rule and dominate. Some might say that’s a design flaw but it is what it is. These ideas are represented and pretty much brought to life in the Lord of the Flies. For instance, Ralph's idea of the conch suggests order and control among the children and himself. As long as Ralph hold this conch shell the kids, including jack and the choir at one point, all obey what he says and do not question his judgment. Piggy's idea of reason and the bystander

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