Lord Of The Flies Book Vs Movie

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Lord of the Flies Book VS Movie As I was reading Lord of the Flies I had pictured everything much different than what I saw in the movie. There were several differences within each. The book described everything in detail and the movie left out some parts, and in some parts they added some extra stuff that was not in the book. Although they differ drastically at points, they both display the storyline clearly. The basic plot of the movie begins with the boys ending up on a island in the middle of no where after a plane crash. They elect Ralph as the leader of their "tribe" and slowly, the boys settle down and become organized. This order made by Ralph angered Jack, who is now the chief hunter, and he rebels against Ralph with his own tribe. After this, everything goes downhill and they become savages except for Ralph's tribe. After the members of Ralph's tribe get killed, Ralph becomes next in line because he is the only one left. At the end, a rescue occurs by an adult who saw their fire, and the boys become children again. One thing the movie lacks are the boys finding each other when the conch is blown. Also when Jack is out looking to kill Ralf, the book talks about how anonymous boy found Ralph hiding but the movie shows how some boys find Ralph hiding but they do not rat him out. I think they did this to show more of a loyalty to Ralph. I personally would choose the movie's alternative because it shows how the boys really want to be civilized and to be rescued. Also it shows how they still really feel under Ralph's' authority. In the movie the boys come all together on a boat to the island and are familiar with each other. The filmmakers probably did this to show how joined they are in the beginning of the book and civilized. I think that the book's opening is much better and effective because it shows how Ralph and Piggy already
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