Lord Of The Flies And White Squall Essay

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The Differences and Similarities between Lord of the Flies and White Squall It’s possible to compare any book and fine similarities, but the parallelism between Lord of the Flies and White Squall is very apparent. Although, they have their differences, both books deal with several of the same themes. In fact, the resemblance between some of the main characters is very evident. To begin with the similarities, both of these stories are set around the same time period in the 1950’s to early 1960, So this might have influenced their language are morals than those of this decade. Secondly, both of these stories occur in a place surrounded by water, either on the Albatross or stranded on an island. Water can be interpreted as symbolizing new life as evaporation and falling of new water occurs or how we baptize babies when they are born. Thirdly, both stories have to have death that occurs. However, the death of Simon in Lord of the Flies is by humans, and the death of Gill. Next, both of these stories do not have women in the group. Perhaps if there were women the story would have been altered and perhaps the boys of the island would be a little bit less savage or other conflicts would occur. Also, there are splits in the book that occur between the main characters. In Lord of the Flies, the spilt is between the protagonist Ralph and the antagonist Jack, just as they split between Chuck and Preston in White Squall. On the contrary, Preston is able to change while remains savage. Jack is also similar to Frank in his desire to kill. Another similarity is how Piggy and Gill are both character that are picked on, however Gill is never beaten up, only teased. Next, both of these stories deal with the loss of innocence, yet in different ways. The boys of the island loose their innocence by becoming savages and loosing their morals without laws or parents to enforce

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