Lord Of The Flies Essay

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“Lord of the Flies” The novel “Lord of the Butterflies” written by William Golding is about a plane shot down over a deserted tropical island. When they landed there were two boys, Ralph and Piggy, who discover a conch on the beach, and Piggy realizes it could be used as a horn to gather the other boys. Once assembled, the boys had an idea about electing a leader and leading a way to be rescued. They choose Ralph as their leader but another boy named Jack wanted to become leader. During the time the boys were exploring the island, there was a part when the littleuns discovered that there was a “beast.” When Jack found out about it, he took the chance to manipulate the boys to take control of them. Ever since then, Jack was trying to persuade the boys that there was a beast. On page 126, it describes what Jack is trying to do with the beast to manipulate the boys. Throughout the novel William Golding used different objects such as sticks and a conch to represent civilization and savages. In this case, the conch wasn’t only an object, it was an object that organized and united the boys. Piggy’s idea to do with the conch was to use it as a “microphone.” Whenever someone wanted to be heard, they had to have the conch on their hand to talk. When having the conch on their hands, you were the only one that was able to talk. In the novel, there was a part where Piggy wants to be heard so he says, “I have the conch…I’m the only one that suppose to talk, you guys!!” This proves that the boys wanted to be civilized or act at least civilized. Piggy being more of the smart person with the glasses thinks there is no beast. Through most of the novel, Piggy wanted to say there wasn’t a beast and that the “beast” was messing up our minds. This supports my opinion of Piggy. “But I tell you that smoke is more important than the pig, however often you kill one.” This also proves

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