Lord of the Flies Essay

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1.Is removing Facial hair permissable in islam There is nothing wrong with removing the hairs on the face for a woman because they are not natural. So It is not forbidden to shave them. Acting upon that hadith, fiqh scholars state that a woman with hairs on her face like a mustache and beard can remove them; however, they also state that thinning eyebrows and changing their natural forms, cutting the eyelashes and using false eyelashes are not permissible because teeth, eyebrows and eyelashes are organs. There is no drawback to removing the hairs on the face for a woman because they are not original; they are things that appear later. Similarly, there is no drawback to removing the hairs on the legs for a woman because they are not organs like eyebrows. When we look at the fiqh books, we see the following judgments: – The hairs on the face that make a woman ugly can be removed. If things like beard and mustache that are normally seen in men appear in women, it is permissible to remove them. “Ibn Abidin says beard and mustache are not natural in women therefore it is mustahab (recomended) to remove them! The best way to remove those hairs is not shaving but using natural depilatories like wax or powder.” ( Kadın İlmihali, Mürşide Uysal, p. 370) 2.My daughter does not wear hijab.what to do? My point is encourage her to wear it on and off asap, so that she learns to love it naturally. Then when it becomes obligation on her she won't see it as some sort of burden, she will embrace it happily. i.e when you go out shopping maybe let her choose a pretty one, and whenever u go out together say wkend tell her to wear hers, and you obviously wear yours. Kids love immitating their parents, this should be no different. with anything in life you should begin as early as possible. so when the child is able to take simple instructions that's a good time to begin. You hear

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