Lord of the Flies Essay

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Lord of The Flies written by William Golding takes place on a deserted island after a plane crash left a group of six to twelve year old boys stranded without adult supervision. In this novel Golding sets up a scenario where the boys lack rules, which in terms sets up the state of nature. In the state of nature the boys in the novel either follow self-government or choose to rebel against authority. Golding creates two main opposing characters, Ralph and Jack. Ralph follows the ideas of Thomas Hobbes in which Government is needed in the state of nature. Opposing Ralph is the character of Jack who follows the ideas of John Locke. He believes in the right to rebel against authority. Both Ralph and Jack incorporate the ideas of Locke and Hobbes but in the end they choose one side. Ralph emulates Locke, a philosopher, in every way. This happens because Ralph knows in a time of survival people should come together to form a government in order to survive. Locke believes government is necessary in order to maintain society and protect people’s rights as well as properties. Locke believes freedom comes at a cost and people need to make sacrifices, such as giving up individual freedoms and ideas, in order to have stability. From the beginning, Ralph sees they need a leader to take control and create order. Ralph was an instant leader and the other boys took notice. Government was being put into place whether they knew it or not. The boys accepted this idea by embracing the conch shell as a representation of power and order. The boys found the shell on the island and it became a symbol of government for them. The conch shell was used in a group meeting and in order to have the power to talk you had to have the shell in your possession. This rule set was the first initiation of government in their chaotic world. With any form of government or higher power there are always

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