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LORD OF THE FLIES FINAL ESSAY EVIL IN HUMAN NATURE The novel Lord of the Flies involves boys that undergo many different changes as they adapt to being away from a civilized society. Throughout the book Jack discovers his darker more barbaric side. Ralph starts as a self-assured boy whose confidence comes from the acceptance of his peers and those around him. Ralph is a fair boy listening to the suggestions of Lord of the Flies Simbolizism paper The conch was a symbol of authority. Piggy was the first to discover the conch. He always respected it along with Ralph. “We can use this to ... his peers, even Piggy. Piggy was an educated boy who had lives the life of an outcast. He had an academic childhood which led him to be more mature and retain a more civilized manner of behavior. The experience he has on the island shows him the cruelty that people can posse. Golding used changes experienced by boys on an uninhabited island to show the evil nature of man. Jack is the worst of them all when it comes A Symbol in Lord of the Flies The symbol of fire is used throughout the entire book, Lord of the Flies. Although it is mentioned only briefly throughout, the significance of these occurrences has ... to being evil. Jack is first described as having an ugly sense of cruelty, which makes him naturally unlikeable. The freedom offered to him by the island allowed him to express the darker sides of his personality that he had hid from the ideals of his past environment. Without adults, a superior and responsible authority, he brushed away the fear of being punished for doing things that were mean and improper. This freedom, along with his malicious and arrogant personality, Lord Of The Flies Trapped on an Island In society human beings have developed morals and ways of life that set them apart from savage creatures. William Golding’s story Lord of the

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