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Golding’s intention of Simon in the lord of the flies English essay The Lord of the Flies was a novel written William Golding. In this novel Simon illustrates many characteristics similar to those shown by Jesus. Simon's character lives by right rules and knows what’s good and what’s bad as opposed to the rest of the island. Simon represents pure goodness. There are many biblical similar places in the Lord of the Flies that result in Simon being compared to Christ. Firstly Simon is looked upon as the Christ figure in Lord of the Flies is that he carries out many unselfish and put himself first before people, and these were the acts of Jesus Christ. Simon chooses to remain behind and assist Ralph construct huts rather than go play with the other inhabitants. Ralph compliments Simon by saying "Simon. He Helps. All the rest rushed off. He's done as much as I have"Simon, the character who is kind-harted for nature and spend most of the time exploring ,this represents the spiritual nature of mankind because he understands that the beast is only something in their minds. He is not as savage as the other boys when they hunt and he knows the risk of savagery. Simon is get terrified like the other boys when the boys talk about the “beast”. He tells them that the beast is only something within, this is sated when he states “What I mean is … maybe it’s only us.” though In this novel simon is undermided by the beast(lord of the flies)”get back to the other and we’ll forget the whole thing” LOTF was trying to tempted Simon into doing something sinful. This is related to Jesus because in the beginning Jesus was tempted by the devil in the wilderness ,the devil was trying to stop Jesus from demining the world. Simon, the character who is sympathetic towards nature this means he is in one with spiritual nature of mankind because he fully knows that the beast is only

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