Lord of the Flies Essay

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KEY VO-CAB- Opalescence- Exhibiting a milky iridescence like that of an opal Momentum- Force or speed of movement Blatant- Brazenly obvious, flagrant Mirage- something illusory, without substance or reality Throbbing- to vibrate, pulsate, or sound with a steady pronounce Accustomed- customary; usual, habitual Menaced- a possible danger; a threat Extinguisher- any of the various portable mechanical devices for spraying and extinguishing a fire with chemicals Amused- cause to find something funny, entertain Dubious- hesitating or doubting Chronic- persisting for a long time or constantly recurring Diarrhea- frequent and watery bowel movements Belligerence- aggressive or warlike behavior Burying- put or hide underground Absorption- the process or action by which one thing absorbs or is absorbed by another Summary- Life on the island is beginning to have some rhythm to it. The littluns mostly spend their days eating and playing with one another. Although they often get scared and have bad dreams. And they keep talking about a “beastie” and the fear of a monster that haunts them in the jungle. The littluns eat a lot of fruits which causes them to have bad diarrhea , a stomach ailments. They mostly live totally separate life’s from the older boys. But like always the older boys pick on the little ones from time to time. Like for intense when Roger and Maurice go and destroy a sand castle that the little boys had mad and throwed rocks at them! And Jack is still obsessed with killing a pig that he camouflages his face with clay and charcoal. And while the hunters were “hunting” a ship was on the horizon but it did not see the signal fire because it had burned out. And Ralph was really mad because it was their job to keep the fire going. But the hunters did manage to kill a pig but they was so excited about it they didn’t pay any attention to Ralph

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