Lord of the Flies Essay

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Tamara Shousher ENG2D 4 Pages Mrs. Bailey Lord of the Flies Essay May, 11 2012 The Loss of Innocence in the Novel Lord of the Flies William Golding If you were trapped on an island, would you stay the same or would you let the island overcome who you are? In Lord of the Flies by William Golding we face many situations where all the boys who crashed on this unknown island lose their innocence. The reality of civilization is crucial to keep the innocence and legitimacy of man from "escaping." Due to the lack of civilization throughout The Lord of The Flies the boys become progressively cruel and primitive revealing the true nature of man. The boys do so by caring only about hunting, losing their ethics and their feeling for friendship. The author develops the idea that when people encounter a different environment, they may lose their innocence and release their true nature, causing them to change into a completely different person. As the boys spend more time on the island, they begin to lose their civilization. Instead of focusing on getting rescued and staying together, they only want to hunt. This is mostly affecting Jack; he changes from a civilized English choir boy to a dictator type leader, power hungry, savage, and hunter. As an example in chapter 3 it was said by Jack, "We want meat" (Golding page 54). This was not the only time Jack has said this, he continuously keeps making hunting his center of attention. In chapter eight during the successful hunt of a pig Jack refers to the sows head by saying, "Pick up the pig […] this head is for the beast" (Golding page 137). Ralph and Jack are the two characters who have the most arguments in the novel. “Which is Page 2 better--to have laws and agree, or to hunt and kill?”(Golding page 164). One prefers having priorities, and the other boy prefers hunting. Both were very important, but having

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