Lord of the Flies Essay

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It’s innate in humans to be good or must evil be assumed to be humanity's natural state controlled only but a clear set of rules and consequences. The book Lord of the Flies written by William Golding has many themes throughout the story. Three main themes that this book is center are that there is evil in men’s hearts. Another theme is that wearing mask changes people. The third one shows that civilization requires order and leadership. The theme of there is evil in men’s heart shows that humans care only about themselves. They can kill and hurt others just to protect themselves. Some examples from the book are that Simon and piggy were killed. They killed Simon because they thought he was the beast but at the end they knew that he wasn’t, so Simon was killed for no reason. Also piggy was killed by Roger; Roger was just trying to scare Piggy by throwing the rock at him. He knew that piggy was going to get hurt but he still did it because he only cared about himself. Also jack and his hunters group would always be mean to everyone specially to the little nuns by scaring them, saying that no one was ever going to find them. Jack also took all the kids that were on Ralph’s side to his side by force. At the end when Ralph was all by himself, they were trying to kill him too. The other theme of the book is that wearing masks changes people. In the book when the hunters had to go hunt they started wearing masks. They were wearing it because it made them feel like if they were real hunters, it made them get more into it. Also when they wear the mask they think that they are better than all the other ones. It also represents a code of war, which they can do whatever they want to. Jack who was the leader of the hunters will always do what he wanted even thought Ralph was the leader of everyone. Since they thought they were better they would always be disturbing to the

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