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Lord of the Flies Symbolism Essay In William Golding’s Lord of the Flies the characters utilize different objects that symbolize much larger concepts or ideas. Three key symbols in the book were Piggy’s specs, the masks or face paint, and the conch shell. The author uses these commonplace things to portray the overall theme of the novel. They show the conflict between civilization and savagery, cooperation and hostility. The first symbol is Piggy’s specs; they are a symbol of intelligence, rational thought, and common sense. The specs are man-made, which automatically links them to the adult world of rational thought. They came from Piggy, the most rational person of the group. Since Piggy was the one who wore the glasses, some of his attributes were projected onto the specs. However, the glasses were often used for the wrong purpose. They were used to start a fire on the top of Castle Rock. Throughout the novel, the glasses get dirty and broken; this shows the decline in the state of the society of boys. As the glasses are shattered, so are rationality and intelligence. Without his glasses, Piggy became physically blind. The other boys became blind too, metaphorically. They could no longer see reason or common sense clearly. Because of this handicap, they descended into savagery and eventually kill two of their own. The second symbol is the face paint or the masks worn by the savages. The savages felt liberated when they wore them; they no longer had to comply with the rules of society. They became barbaric and inhumane, as shown by the graphic pig hunts. The savages were engulfed with blood lust when wearing the masks and forgot themselves entirely. They forgot about the dire need to get home and as a result, the signal fire burned out. While reenacting a hunt, they got carried away and hurt Roger, who was portraying the pig. After a while they became so

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