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Aleisa Peña 10/25/11 Eng. 2 2nd Honors Lord of the Flies There are many themes in Lord of the Flies by William Golding, but there is one that plays a very significant role throughout the novel. The conflict is between the human impulses towards evil and savagery and the rules of order and civilization, which are meant to prevent it. The problem is caused by the collision between Ralph and Jack, who represent the civilization and the savagery. The novel includes many symbols to show the nature of humanity and evil on the island. Symbols are very important in the novel by emphasizing the true order and chaos between the boys, among those symbols is the island, the conch, and the Lord of the Flies. The island represents good and even in the novel. The “good” and “evil” sides of the island are caused and influenced by the boys. They good side stands for new independent lives without parents interfering and taking control of the boys. The island was abundant of fruit and animals for food; also the water was also ubiquitous! However, one part of the island was jungle which shows how dangerous it was. The little boy with the “mark”, who was the first one dead, was last seen entering it. Another disruption is that the “littleuns” are afraid of the island because of its beasties lurking around, causing everyone to have nightmares. Ralph says, “I mean the way things are. They dream. You can hear ‘em. Have you been awake at night?” (P. 52) The island can also be seen as a location of an experiment; the boys have to make a society without adults, so they are dependent of themselves and

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