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Katie Brown Lord of the Flies In the novel Lord of the Flies, multiple forms of government and principles are demonstrated in order to show the form of the boy’s unorthodox society. These governments and principles relate back to authors we had studied in the beginning of this year’s course. Each author makes points that can be seen through out the novel and express their opinions. In The Prince, the author Machiavelli focuses his attention on maintaining a strong and united government. In order to uphold this strong administration Machiavelli puts all of the power in the hands of the society’s leader and the relationship between the two. Machiavelli points out that a strong government consists of a group of people that are fond of the leader. That a strong city’s prince, is one that “does not earn his people’s hatred” (Machiavelli, 31). In chapter nine of Lord of the Flies the boys are able to choose whether they wish to claim Ralph or Jack as their leader. They are able to make their decisions based on likeability and whether or not the other has in some way done them wrong. Piggy for instance sticks with Ralph because Jack has treated him unkindly in the past, while on the other hand Ralph has earned his trust (Golding, ch.9). Also Machiavelli proposes that when times are the very worst, the leader must create patriotism, inspire his subjects, and convince them that the hardships are only temporary (Machiavelli, 31). In the beginning of the novel Ralph is an incredible example of convincing the boys that being on the island is only temporary. In chapters one and two, Ralph talks on and on about rescue and produces projects to guarantee that they are saved. Machiavelli makes the argument that an army should consist of people that respect and support the leader while fighting for the issues that are wanted by the two of them (Machiavelli, 34).

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