Lord of the Flies - Ralph Sketch

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Golding’s book Lord of the Flies is a warped representation of mankind (or should I say kidkind) and Ralph is depicted as the sometimes flawed but never-the-less good hearted leader who brings his group to triumph. Ralph is a boy of twelve years – he is fair, tall, handsome, healthy and vigorous. His look is said to be that of the typical blonde haired blue eyed boy. He is said to no longer display the obvious belly of childhood and what's more he is made to be ‘a boxer’. (Quotes – ‘The boy with fair hair lowered himself down the last few feet of rock’ ‘he was old enough to have lost the prominent belly of childhood’ ‘he might make a boxer’) Prior to arriving on the island, it is known that he was a spoilt young man coming from the family of a privileged naval commander. It is possible he attended privet school as can be told by his polished accent and classy uniform. (Quotes – ‘Daddy taught me, he’s a commander in the navy) Although it is definitely something to be worried about, Ralph Is positively delighted at being stranded on the island. Ralph has obviously been subject to freedom before, as can be told by his adeptness at what to do if there is no civilization around to aid humans. (Quotes – ‘Ralph giggled into the sand’ ‘Ralph shrieked with laughter’) Although the teacher doesn’t seem to think so, I believe Ralph to be a bit of an unrefined chap – since when has language like ‘sucks to your assmar’ been the dialect of your average gentleman? Either I have been living under a rock, or he really isn’t as refined as we give him credit for…. Ralph has a bit of the autocratic nature inside of him – this can be understood by the fact that he readily and heartily takes up the responsibility of becoming leader. He shared a slight rivalry with Jack, which he was smart enough o extinguish by assigning to him a higher post. He is a charismatic fellow who is looked
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