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blank- Jack and Gary blank- Ralph blank- Interviewer blank- Navy captain Table of contents INTRO- hello, this is Taylor Bergan here on the daily morning news coming to you from England, today we have 4 special guest coming to talk with us about their experience on an unknown island 6 months ago. First we will be speaking with Jack, come on out. 1. Jacks interview I: Good morning Jack, I hope you’re doing well? J: Yes, thank you, though it’s been quite a change coming back into the modern world, I’ll say. I: Of course, I’m sure. So explain to us what exactly happened on the island? J: Well, as you know, we were all pretty much lost on an unknown island. At first, everything was great, but after awhile, we needed meat! Ralph kept ranting on about the fire, but whatever! We need meat to survive… I: And is it true that you and the choir directly disobeyed Ralph’s orders and went hunting? J: Yes… I: And Ralph is your elected leader, right? J: Well, yeah, but as I said before, we needed meat! I: Mhmm… So what happened then? J: It turns out that the one time we didn’t keep the fire going a ship passed by! I: What do you think about that? J: I think it’s waxy timing, that’s what. I: Waxy? J: It’s just another word for bad… I mean, we need to keep the fire going, but the need for meat is more immediate! I: Why were you the leader instead of Ralph in the end? J: We needed meat, and I had it. It’s as simple as that. I: Uh huh… That didn’t work out so well in the end, did it? I mean, what with the deaths of Simon and Keith… or Piggy as you all call him… J: Yeah, but those were accidents, honestly! Not that Piggy really DID anything anyway… I: Other than the use of his glasses of course. Well thank you for being with us. Let’s just hope that Keith and Simon and any other lost boys rest in peace… Next we have Ralph’s side of the story

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