From Lord Of The Flies To The Bible Essay

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It is an Eden-like island in the South Pacific, far from the war with atom bomb. A group of British school-boys, supposed-innocent yet quite civilized, survived on it, waiting for rescue. Away from parents, they enjoy themselves—play on the beach, swim in the lagoon and explore the forest. At last, the fire they built up brings a navy officer who comes to save them. It seems to be filled with boys’ fun and games; instead it’s full of human-hunting game and fear. Dark night, haunted beast, dancing savages and splashes of blood come with the deep down fear, the inner hate and the innate sin. It is a novel about the degeneration of human nature and the exposure of rooted sins in human. Also, it is a Biblical allusion with Christ, projected into a boy called Simon, Satan, appearing in the form of a pig head, and the struggle between good and evil. The title “Lord of the Flies” is a translation of a Hebrew word, “baal-zevuv,” which means chief or principal devil–Satan. In Greek, the word is “Beelzeboub.” An English word derived from the Greek word is “Beelzebub,” which can mean any of the following: Satan, the Devil, a demon. In Milton’s Paradise Lost, Beelzebub is one of the fallen angels, next to Satan in power. In this novel, the Lord of Flies appears as the decapitated head of a pig. The author titled his novel with such a Biblical name, undoubtedly, he wants us to relate this story to the Bible. And also, he created a Christ—Simon, although not the exactly Messiah, and described the conflict between this “Christ” and

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