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The boys are slowly turning barbaric towards their actions and fellow companions. In the lord of the flies, the boys land on the islands as civilized young adult but as time progresses they begin to lose sight of their moral values. By the boys losing sight of morality it leads them to savage behaviors. Do we become savages when we are not under control by law & order or are we just born savages? The barbaric life style that the boys decide to portrait leads them into chaos, envy, arguments, and murder threw out the novel. When the boys landed on the island they tried to stay civilized by trying to organize a civilized environment. Ralph and Piggy find a conch shell that they use to call everyone on the island together. The boys then have a meeting so they get to each other and elect a leader; Ralph was elected as chief by the boys. Ralph says “Vote for chief’ ‘lets vote’…’who wants Jack for chief?’ ‘Who wants Ralph?’ Ralph counted. ‘I’m chief then”. Since they agreed on electing a leader that shows that the boys wanted to keep civilized on the island. Only three boys were sent to explore to find out where they were to avoid leaving people behind and losing them also because the others had roles to play. “Three of us- if we take more we’d get all mixed, and lose each other- three of us will go on an expedition and find out”. You would think that the smarter thing would be to go with everyone just incase they can’t find there way back. Roles were assigned to everyone on the island”. “The choir belongs to Jack, of course.’ ‘they would be the army’ or hunters”. During the story civilization slowly begins to drift away from the boys. The boys actions slowly show them degenerating. The order that was stored among the boys is slowly fading away. Ralph calls a meeting because he realized that things are slowly falling apart on the island. “[Ralph] waited till the platform

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