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UK cover version 2 / fold to 205 x 315 mm Rubro (330ml) Sweet iced tea made from Rooibos (South African red bush). Choose from Lemon, Peach or Berry. Go Bottomless – refill as often as you want! per person Pressed Apple Juice (295ml) Whole pressed apples – an orchard in a glass. Mango Quencher (295ml) With a sweet splash of apple and pineapple. Orange Juice (295ml) Real orange juice with real orange bits. Cloudy Lemonade (295ml) Made from lemons. Tangy! Mineral Water (500ml) Organic Milk (295ml) 2.50 Wine White Cara Viva (Portugal) Dry, crisp and easy drinking. 125ml glass available GLASS (175 / 250ml) BOTTLE (750ml) 3.85 / 4.85 13.65 3.95 / 4.95 14.25 17.50 2.45 2.55 2.55 2.55 2.55 2.20 1.00 Spier Chenin/Sauvignon (S.Africa) Fruity notes with a light finish. 4.80 / 6.20 Stormhoek Pinot Grigio (S.Africa) Fresh and fruity with hints of lime and pear. Red Cara Viva (Portugal) 3.85 / 4.85 Bursting with fruit. Great with spicy food. 13.65 14.25 3.95 / 4.95 Spier Merlot (S.Africa) Dark and luscious with cherry flavours. Stormhoek Pinotage (S.Africa) Vibrant with red fruit flavours. Grand’ Arte Shiraz (Portugal) Full bodied and perfectly balanced. 4.80 / 6.20 17.50 4.80 / 6.20 17.50 Desserts & Hot Drinks Check out our range of coffees, tea infusions and hot chocolate in the Desserts & Hot Drinks menu on your table. There’s also a delicious selection of cakes, gelado, bottomless frozen yogurt and pastries to tempt you. Rosé Cara Viva Medium Dry (Portugal) An off dry gem. Suits PERi-PERi spice. Cara Viva Summer Fruit (Portugal) Slightly sweeter summer fruitiness. 3.85 / 4.85 13.65 3.85 / 4.85 13.65 14.65 BOTTLE (330ml) 3.60 4.20 / 5.30 Pink Elephant Rosé (Portugal) Juicy and crisp with fresh fruit flavours. GLASS Sagres Radler Sagres Lager with lemon juice. Refreshment with a twist. (2% ABV) Sagres Beer Portugal’s favourite golden

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