Loosing Chinese Population Policy

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Loosening Chinese population policy Introduction: This is about controversial one-child policy in China and its new change. China, the world’s most populated country, has a population policy states that one family can have only one child except in some circumstances, such as both parents are minorities or the first child of the parents is disabled or has some serious inherited disease. The purpose of this policy is that the Chinese government was trying to control the boosted growth population. This policy was written in the Chinese Constitution in 1982 though it was published in the 1970s. Article 25 says that “The state promotes family planning so that population growth may fit the plans for economic and social development”, and Article 49 states that “Both husband and wife have the duty to practice family planning”. In fact, the constitution cannot enforce jurisdiction directly in China, so the government has published many treaties, rules and ordinances to execute this policy, and finally in 2001, there was a law for family planning. However, as there is a serious decline of newborns and the population growth was slow down, China has lost benefits because of the large population. This means that the labor cost is gradually becoming higher, and the productivity of the whole country is a slowing down. Also, the aging society has become a big problem in China, which is only a developing country. Therefore, the old policies of family planning needed to be amended, and Beijing decided that if either parent is an only child, then he/she is eligible to have two children of their own. Family planning is always a headline in China, and the significant change has pushed the heat of discussion into a new level. The reasons that people in China care about it variously. Here is my explanation. First, the legality of so-called one-child policy is controversial. It's

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