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Brianna Nordin Essay Perfect. Such a very overrated, misunderstood word. And when you think about a perfect person, what’s the first thing that pops into your head. Tall blonde babe with the “perfect” skinny body with the “perfect” straight hair and “perfect” face made up of makeup. How about that “perfect” quarter-back that is such a “perfect” babe. Everyone is judged on looks, weight and not what they should be judged on. Personality. Now, I can’t say I haven’t walked down the hall and totally checked out the hottie standing at his locker. But looks are deceiving. And deep down I know he’s a jerk, but you think I care? Nobody does, as long as he stays hot. It seems good- looking people can get away with being a horrible person. It shouldn’t be that way, but it is. The girl who takes two hours in the morning to plaster her face on and fry her hair is more likely to turn heads. Not the beautiful girl, who is completely natural. Does that seem fair? We shouldn’t have to cake on makeup to feel pretty or get any attention. Weight is another huge factor. This day in age, the idea of a “perfect” weight in teen girls is a size 0. And after a size 2 you’re just fat. Is that right? I think we should be judged on our personality. Because most times if you look deeper, there is more than meets the eye. That girl that doesn’t get much attention could me completely sweet and nice. But she wasn’t given the time of day because she doesn’t wear flashy clothes or hide her face in a mask of makeup. Let’s just stop judging people on they’re looks and weight. And lets start looking deeper than what meets the eye. If you don’t ever give them a chance, you could be missing out on a amazing person and not even know it. “Perfect” isn’t as perfect as it

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