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In “Looking for work “by Gary Soto, Soto shares his mission and desire to turn his family’s life around. He wanted them to be more like a white family. He decided the best way to accomplish this task was to become wealthy and emulate everything that they do. After watching reruns of “Father Knows best”, Soto attempted to convince his brother to wear shoes. However, he did the exact opposite by coming to dinner dressed in his bathing suit. Eventually, he decided to start on his quest to make some money and become wealthy. He started by removing a rake from his mother's garage and going up the street looking for jobs. He made a stop not too far and knocked his neighbor’s door asking her if she needed leaves raked. She didn’t need him for that, however, she sent him to get her a can of soda; he made a nickel. He continued on his quest and landed another job weeding a flower bed. He made a quarter and two peaches there. Eventually, he decided to take a break and met with one of his friends. They talked for a few and later went to the pool to play around. During dinner time, he decided to ask his mom if they could dress up for dinner one of these days. He saw it on a sitcom and thought it would be a good idea to emulate it. His mother laughed at him. He had spent his time watching it on television and saw how that the white kids on that show were depicted as being nothing short of perfect. Despite being ridiculed, he didn’t give up on trying to convince his family to behave and dress like he saw on television. He really wanted for his family to be liked and accepted by other white families. Throughout the essay, the author wants to convey that in order to make it in America and to be accepted by other Americans, a minority family must emulate everything that a white families does such as those portrayed on television. Throughout the story the author dealt with some

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