Looking For Alibrandi Change Speech Analysis

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English Speech on Change Good morning students and Mrs. Croger. Today I will be speaking to you about ‘change’. Change is an inevitable part of life and takes its course in different ways. Different ways include change in self, change on our perspectives of life change on the way we see the world. Two aspects of change that we have mainly focused on this term are how change can gradually happen overtime and how change may be forced upon someone. In the novel ‘Looking for Alibrandi’ Josie is faced with a number of life changing moments in her life. She goes through a sudden change sometime in the novel. This is brought upon her when she meets her dad. Her dad says “I don’t want her or want to have anything to do with her”. This changes when she begins to learn about the relationship he had with Christine. Another aspect of change she experiences is a gradual change that overtime between Josie and Nonna. At first she tries to ignore her because she is constantly being a control freak and is always starting arguments with…show more content…
In the hunger games, Katniss is faced with forced change. This is seen when she volunteers herself over her sister Prim to go and fight to the death with no other choice. Overtime she realizes that she needs to turn and fight back against the game maker and the injustice of the game. Like Josie in ‘Looking for Alibrandi’, Katniss also changes her perspective on herself with the relationship she has with Peeta Mellark. At first she is reluctant to be in a relationship with him because of their pasts. She is like this because she felt embarrassed about when Peeta threw her some bread and saved her and her family from starvation. Later on in this film she realizes that she needs to put her past memories aside and team up with Peeta in order to win the games. It is because of this that her perspective on him and her relationship with him changes for the
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