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Student essay 1 Carefully read the following student's essay, which interprets (finds meaning in) the novel as a story about change. Make sure you also read the commentary on this successful essay. To what extent is Looking for Alibrandi a novel about change? Text of the essay It can be argued that Looking for Alibrandi is very much a novel about change. After all, at its end Josie Alibrandi consents to becoming Josie Andretti. But there are many other things that change in her life. She loses a friend, John Barton, in tragic circumstances, but she also discovers her father. Mysteries about the actual identity of her mother's father are solved, and she develops a greater understanding and love for her grandmother. She constantly interacts with her Italian heritage both within herself and with others and comes to a deeper understanding of it. Her arch-enemy, Poison Ivy, becomes simply Ivy, but her relationship with Jacob ends. At the end of it all Josie feels stronger and more optimistic as a result of the changes. Some of these changes seem to be serendipitous, that is, changes that occur simply through chance, but this is what life is often about.…show more content…
Her relationship with Michael Andretti is initially difficult, but she is determined to be frank and honest with him, and a warm relationship develops between them. Suddenly Josie has another champion in her life. He rescues her from a difficult situation with Carly Bishop's father, Carly having been on the receiving end of a flying textbook thrown by Josie following a racist remark. Again, her father comforts Josie after a bitter argument with Jacob. He also provides her with a part-time job. In brief, Michael Andretti makes Josie’s life more secure and finally, of course, provides her with a new surname. However, Michael Andretti is the least clearly drawn of all the main characters of the

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