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Belonging is a process or journey undertaken subconsciously by an individual to find a sense of connectedness and place within the world. Although people have an automatic desire to belong, there are often barriers, both physical and metaphorical, that can prevent one from belonging. This concept is central throughout Melina Marchetta’s, “Looking for Alibrandi,” Tim Winton’s, “Neighbours” and Gurinder Chadha’s, “Bend It like Beckham.” Just like the three texts, this visual representation will eventually demonstrate how the obstacles of belonging can be overcome over a period of time. Marchetta’s novel, Looking for Alibrandi, follows the personal story of a young, teenage, Italian, school girl living in a contemporary Australian society, Josephine.…show more content…
The Indian born protagonist, Jessminder, finds herself caught in the middle between her love for soccer verses her love for her authoritarian family. Her struggle is adamant from the beginning with the use of non-diegetic sound effects illuminating the juxtaposing British modern pop music against the cultural Indian music, establishing a segregated mood within the film. Jess’ inability to belong is amplified through the racial slurs made by the opposing soccer team using degrading comments such as “Paki” and “black.” Her family create a disaffection between them and Jess because of their strict views and lack of understanding to a modern British society that Jess desires to belong in. As a result, she is constantly rebelling and sneaking around in order to follow her dreams. In the beginning, Chadha uses isolating close up shot’s of Jess to exhibit her lack of connection to others but as the film progresses, wider shots are used involving the other characters. This demonstrates how she overcomes the barriers and once and for all, belongs, not as an Indian, but as an independent

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