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Throughout this essay, the text “Looking for Alibrandi” by Melina Marchetta will assist us in understanding that the teenage years are a significant time of change. This essay will discuss the issue of the cultural values and traditions and how it affects the adolescent years of Josephine Alibrandi, the main character. Secondly, this essay will address the issues of self-image and how it not only affects Josephine, but her friends as well. Lastly, this essay will discuss Josephine’s relationship with other people in the text such as her family, friends and Jacob, the Australian boy she is in love with. In conclusion, this essay will give a summary that proves that the adolescent years are a time of change in a person’s life. The cultural values and traditions that the Alibrandi family hold affect Josephine’s adolescent years in many ways. The way she responds to problems and other people’s opinions are partially due to her cultural values. This is most evident on page 3-4 when Josephine answers back to her teacher and also on page 88 when she was talking to Michael Andretti (her father) about “wogs”. Due to the pressure of Josephine’s culture being placed so firmly on her, she doesn’t have the patience to deal with issues very well. This is due to all the emotions and stress from her culture being all bottled up inside of her. Therefore, if a problem confronts Josephine, she doesn’t think about what she says; she simply speaks her mind. Another example is on page 11 where Christina Alibrandi, her mother, asks why she and her friends were driving around Bondi Junction “half dressed”. If Katia hadn’t told Christina about it, Josephine wouldn’t have gotten angry like she did. Josephine also hated it when gossip spread around within the Italian community. However, due to Katia’s old age, she didn’t understand what it was like to be a teenager in today’s society; the

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