Looking For Aibrandi Issues Essay

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The novel Looking for Alibrandi by Melina Marchetta is set in the context of a 17 year old, illegitimate girl who is trying to establish her identity as a Australian-Italian in sydney in the 1990’s. Convections and characterisation have been used to portray her as a realistic heroine with many flaws and virtues. In this story you know josephine alibrandi’s every thought and feeling. This is made possible through the use of point of view. Looking for Alibrandi is written entirely in first person enabling you to see how she feels about certain people and how she feels about what is happening to her in her life. You can tell that she doesn’t like snobs or racism because she expresses those feelings inside her head and as you are inside her head it is as if you are getting a personal commentary from the main character throughout the whole story, making her a believable character. The use of language in the story helps establish a confident relationship with Josephine. She uses chatty slang to make the reader more comfortable with the story line, especially when she attempts to rationalize a feeling or action on her behalf. Her father calls her “our obnoxious creation” because she has witty observations and is never short of something to say. Structure and language make Josephine more unique, therefore making her a realistic heroine. Josephine isn’t perfect. This makes her more non-fiction and not so fantasy. Josephine isn’t beautiful nor is she calm and never gets angry. She wears glasses, has a temper and gets mad often. If she was a perfect goddess with blonde hair and straight teeth she wouldn’t be a believable character. She is average and everyday, enabling the reader to relate with the protagonist more. She’s not invincible, which means she can die and get hurt. If she was invincible like someone off “Twighlight” you wouldn’t be able to relate. There

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