Look Both Ways Writing Task

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Look Both Ways – Writing Task Death: ‘Look Both Ways is actually more about how to live one’s life than about death.’ Do you agree? Look Both Ways is a complex film which explores many different issues and themes. Although the film starts with death, and death is a continuing theme throughout the movie, the way in which you perceive what you are viewing will determine the way you think about the meaning of the movie. Do you stop at death, at Meryl’s father, the separate accidents with the train, Nick’s disease? Do you let the enormity of death take you over and stop you from seeing the other messages the movie portrays? Look Both Ways is indeed about death, but it is not intended to be the be all and end all theme. The way in which the characters pick themselves up and move through their loss, their grief, or their pain, and continue to live their lives engages the audience to relate, on a personal level, to the film and the stories of each of the characters. Meryl sees death at every turn. She imagines train crashes, being run over by cars, being attacked by another person or even by a killer whale. Nick is confronted with a life threatening disease; Testicular Cancer. Andy is obsessed with death, accidental and otherwise, and we see the train accident that killed Julia’s partner Rob. We see from the beginning of the film that Meryl, Nick and Andy move through their days in a completely negative perspective. Their glass is always half empty and this perspective creates difficulty in their ability to relate to those around, because they continually live in their own little world. As the movie progresses however we start to see their perceptiveness shift. Instead of allowing death to consume them, they come to accept it. Accept the pain and suffering, grieve and then move on; move on to continue their lives, stronger from having gone through the
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