Look Both Ways- Andy Essay

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Andy is a Journalist at The Southern Mail who hates his job. He feels his talent is being limited as he wants to write about male suicide but is made to cover arts diary which he feels is a waste of time. He is divorced from his ex-wife Cathy, with whom he has two young children, Maddy and Oliver. He is a fun father yet seems very detached from his children. He hates the way Cathy is so controlling over him with the children and the stress she causes him about them, making his relationship with her quiet hostile. He has been in a new relationship with Anna who contacts him and tells him that she is pregnant with their baby. Which makes Andy feels trapped and reacts to this in an angry way. Nick is a very angry person and feels cheated by life. He seems to be stuck in a negative frame of mind and so focused on bad luck. He feels as though everyone is out to get him which makes him quiet self centred and only really considers himself. It seems as though he can’t see the pain other people are going through. We are shown this when he becomes envious about Nicks photo of Julia on the front page, he thinks the photo makes him look stupid and sees Julia as irrelevant to his story, yet her pain about her husband’s death is deviatory. His just so angry at everything and everyone around him. He also has a lack of faith which is demonstrated in his conversation with Nick at the cricket about ‘how can anyone believe in something as ridiculous as

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