Look Both Ways: A Comparative Assessment Of Life

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Look Both Ways Part 1. “Things just happen” Does “Look Both Ways” reflect Anna’s assessment of life? 2:30-3:30 PLAN Intro P1-merly end of movie Meeting nick Try to avoid sharks in life P2-Nick cancer, dad tried to change impos P3-Andy- pregnant P4- Phil does change, instead of leaving things makes effort and change Conclusion The beautiful and heartwarming film, “Look Both Ways” tells of the fears and paranoia a person can have concerning the ever inevitable reality of death. Through many characters, we are shown that indeed, in life “things just happen” and the attempt to somehow change or manipulate fate is truly impossible. The character of Meryl, an aspiring artist living in “poverty” as she most…show more content…
This self obsessed character discovers that his girlfriend, Anna has become pregnant. Immediately he tries to cut loose of this problem accusing her of being unfaithful to him. He in a confronting manner exclaims to her that “(he) doesn’t want this”. Instead of the pair letting the notion of fate take place concerning this issue, they wish to intervene and abort this unplanned baby. Ironically Anna philosophically proclaims that “things just happen”, however she goes against her statement, with her wishes to abort. Andy surrounded by death and suffering everywhere, being a journalist, has become unable to connect with others or feel sympathy. This is evident with the many images placed in his home of death and suffering such as the image of the September 11 terrorist attacks. Andy constantly is unable to find fault in himself and asks others “what is wrong with (them)?” ,showing that he always feels that he is in the right and things are…show more content…
A workaholic newspaper editor, who was once separated from his children, home life and relationships, after discovering Nick’s diagnosis, is empowered to turn over a new leaf. He “Give(s) up smoking” and stops his unconventional family life. By making an effort to change, he stops the cycle of destruction and ultimately his own

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