Look Both Ways

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6 ‘Look Both Ways shows that life is always worth living.’ Do you agree with this interpretation of the text? ‘Look Both Ways shows that despite life’s trials, happiness is possible.’ Discuss. Happiness is one of the main themes explored in Sarah Watt’s award winning film Look Both Ways. The concept of being happy is an abstract one in a film preoccupied with other more powerful and overshadowing themes such as death and fear. Every character in the film is exposed to some form of these ‘trials’, random chance events that have the power to destroy lives. Look Both Ways explores the possibility of characters maintaining happiness despite the events that seem to have the ability to destroy any reason to be happy, and ultimately take control of lives. Some such events that might prevent happiness in the film include cancer, fatal accidents and deaths of those close to us, as well as the wider implications and people affected by each of these events, some perhaps not first-hand. However, Look Both Ways is a film which proves that happiness is not based on the difficulty of life trials, but on the strength of the human spirit that ultimately dictates the possibility of happiness. This is shown through some of the key characters in the film: Meryl, Nick and Julia. Meryl provides an excellent example of someone who has been traumatised by her experiences with death, especially in her family. Her father’s death left her floundering and disorientated, such that her own view of life and death became distorted and fatalistic, making trite comments such as “maybe it was meant to be”. Combined with the impact of watching a man get run over by a train in front of her, her mental health has severely been damaged, made evident by the flashes of paintings that signify her imagination, filled with morbid scenes of her own death played out in countless different scenarios. She
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