Look Both Ways Essay

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‘Look Both Ways’ is an Australian film directed by Sarah Watt, it explores the idea of fear and how people are controlled by it. All characters begin the weekend ‘with little or no relief until Monday’ and ultimately change their perspective that fate is actually in our own hands and when we can grab a hold of our fears we can take control in a world that is shown to be random and unpredictable. Not even looking both ways can save you. Meryl finds something to be scared about in every situation, she finds ways in which she will be hurt or killed by just walking down the street. Nicks diagnosis of cancer which has already taken control of his body and killed his father leaves him is a state of helplessness. Andy who rejects life altogether and believes the world sees him as little importance; as such he is angry and may be the reason for his unnatural obsession with male suicide. By the time the rain comes on Sunday afternoon and the weekend is over, all the characters accept their own fate is in their hands and that life is there to be lived to the fullest. Meryl sees death everywhere; she fears her own everyday life and is controlled by the epiphanies created in her mind. These inner thoughts are displayed to the viewers through animation because Meryl is an artist. They reveal that she feels she is ‘surrounded by sharks’ in her life even for the simplest things such as crossing the road or walking along the railways. Death is all around us, but to Meryl it is really all there seems to be. When she reads the morning paper it all becomes too overwhelming and scary for her that she has to go and throw it out. This is later revisited when she remarks, “I don’t need your photos to remind me of all the shit in the world, I know it is awful. Scares me stupid, scares everybody too stupid to do anything.” Meryl quotes at the beginning of the film while on the phone to her

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