Longleat Safari Park Exam Sheet Essay

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Write the text for a leaflet informing teachers of the benefits of an educational visit to a UK attraction. (No full sentences allowed on this sheet) Logo/tagline/snappy heading … (how often are you going to use it + where): -Longleat safari + adventure park -exclusive school leaflet Exciting opening paragraph key words (to draw the teacher in): -tired of museums + factories? -lots exclusive offers! -favour schools -come to Longleat! -so much to offer -where dreams come true -best experience of life! -students will love you -you’ll never forget it! -for every age -your our priority -every food/animal -exceptional/extraordinary -USE ADJECTIVES Why is this attraction going to appeal to the teacher...? Why is it so special? How/What will students learn and how will this be made enjoy themselves. What will they do? Are they learning by seeing/hearing/doing/making …. (or all of these) -animal run wild around you -take pictures -you are in a “cage”: for dangerous animals - opened in 1966 -learn about animals: -natural habitat -first non-african “driving” park -lifestyle, diet… -over 500 animals -pet/feed some animals -9000 acres -learn history of animals/park -all special offers -kids go where they want -best animal treatment

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