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Whitechapel, I am feeling apologetic that i hit you, i shouldn't have done such. But you had contradicted me in front of everyone. Do you not understand how humiliating that is? For you to have done such, you are quite daring to even contradict me. You are a slave, What made you believe that I would have listened to you or that anyone else would have? So of course I had no choice but to obviously put you back in your place. I am sorry about the death of your son. Not the death of my brother. I knew him only as the son of a slave. Nothing else but that. I will never see him as a brother or as anyone that I had relations to, in my eyes he will always be a slave. He was troublesome, the day he began talking. And you *pause* Only you could have stopped him from running away, you knew he was going to, we all did but chose not to turn a blind eye on that he would actually runaway. When we caught him, i had to set an example by a public whipping, and give other slaves a reason to not run away. Give them a reason to be hesitant on making decisions of running away.Even if you have had shouted me that i was killing my half-brother, i would have had no choice but to keep on going. He was a slave, I had no care that he shared my fathers blood. It didn’t concern more, nor did it cross my mind to even stop the punishment. Mr. Whitechapel did say to leave the boy alone until he returns or may have even said "Go easy on the whip" but he needed that punishment, he deserved it, he ran away. He has a slave where did he learn the nerve to do so? After all, this is business, not charity their lives don’t belong to them. I like you old man, you knew yourself you knew your place. You never questioned authority and just did what you were told to do without question. You were respected by all. Whitechapel, if you were white i would have wanted you to be as my

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