Long Way Gone

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A Long Way Gone Quest Task: Using the resources provided in the library and each other, answer the questions that follow. Part One - Basic Knowledge Questions: 1. Commenting on how a rebel soldier had interrogated an old man, Beah writes, “Before the war a young man wouldn’t have dared to talk to anyone older in such a rude manner. We grew up in a culture that demanded good behavior from everyone, and especially from the young” (p. 33). Where else in A Long Way Gone did you encounter the brutal, thuggish, or even sadistic behavior of young rebels—or of other young people? 2. After Kamator has been attacked, and the two boys have been cut off from the others in fleeing, Ishmael and Kaloko sneak out of the bush and back into Kamator, bringing along brooms every time. Why do they bring brooms? And why, later, does Ishmael set out on his own? 3. Describe the “name-giving ceremony” (p. 75) that Ishmael recollects his grandmother telling him about. Who attended this ceremony, and what did it entail in the way of preparation, purpose, ritual, and food? Also, what do we learn in Chapter 10 of the various backgrounds of Ishmael’s companions? And how does Saidu die? 4. Who is Gasemu? Why does Ishmael befriend him and then later try to strangle him? Part Two – Research 1. Cause of the civil war – Use the link below to begin your research. http://www.cigionline.org/blogs/rethinking-peacebuilding/vertical-integration-and-persistent-causes-of-conflict-sierra-leone 2. Charles Taylor - Use the link below to learn more about Taylor: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2461032/Charles-Taylor-arrives-Britain-serve-50-year-sentence-Sierra-Leone-war-crimes.html 3. RUF – Use the link below to begin your research of the RUF. http://www.start.umd.edu/start/data_collections/tops/terrorist_organization_profile.asp?id=4247 4. Fodoy Sankoh – Use the link below

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