Long Term Care Essay

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Assessment #1 June 18, 2015 When I think of long-term care facilities, more negatives than positives come to mind. I feel as though too many people are being entered into these facilities without receiving the proper care they deserve. When doing research and communicating with long-term care facility workers, I have concluded that the main problem is staffing. If I was managing my own facility the first problem I would resolve is the patient to health care worker ratio. Then I would focus on making sure consumers and their families feel comfortable in the environment they live in. Lastly, I would take into consideration of what the future holds for long-term care facilities. With changes in technology and the frequency of individuals becoming ill, the only way to manage a successful facility is to not only think about what you have to deal with now, but what’s to come. When a person requires someone else to help them with physical or emotional needs over an extended period of time, long-term care is often the tough route families choose to help their loved ones get back to their usual selves. (Day, 2014). Long-term care facilities have grown to not only take care of the physically and emotionally challenged adults but also aiding with children with these issues as well. Long-term care facilities have also expanded to assist adults and children with assisted living, rehabilitation, and hospice care. Within the different departments of the facility there should be multiple staff available to accommodate the patients and some of their families request. “An ideal long-term system should be consumer driven (Pratt, 2016, p. 57).” Staff should be fully educated on the laws and regulations of the health care facility as well as the consumer. Their ratio for staff to consumer should be equal as well. A long-term care facility should be diverse and able to assists

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