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HSAD 323 Long Term Care Long term care was created to assist the elderly and disabled with personal care needs. It can be done in the individual’s home, at a hospital or at a long term care facility. The interviews that I have conducted have showed me the types of care provided, people who receive care, people who provide care and what causes care to be needed. Long term care is provided in many different facilities depending on the recipients’ preference. One type is a long term care facility. I completed an interview with Donna Craighead who works in a long term facility. She informed me that many of the residents in long term care facilities want to be there. They either don’t want to be home alone or they don’t want to put the burden of their care on their family. Donna stated “Residents here enjoy the interaction with the staff and fellow residents, If they were not here they would probably be home alone with no social interaction”. I asked Donna what she thinks residents dislike the most, she said “Residents dislike a non-caring provider. It is sad to see some of the staff walk around with an attitude when the residents did nothing wrong. Sometime it seems like most people are here just for the pay and not to make a difference”. Long term care facilities not only provide residents with assistance of personal needs, but a companion to keep them motivated. Another place care is provided is in the home of the recipient. I interviewed Cassidy, who care for her 4 year old son in her home, and Janis Miller, a home care recipient. Janis decided to receive home care because she feels more comfortable at home. Janis stated “You hear so much on the news about nursing home staff abusing the elderly and I don’t want that to happen to me”. Janis said that she was given the opportunity to choose her own staff and she has a voice in her care. If she was in a nursing

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