Long Ridge Gliding Club

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LONG RIDGE GLIDING CLUB 1- Evaluate the service to the club members and casual flyers by completing a table similar to table 3.1? Gliding club for casual flyers they offer a free trial but for members in the club they provide them with membership in case of duration for casual members its between 2 to 10 minutes based on the weather conditions but for the club members it’s a long duration it can reach till as much us they can fly .in case of revenue club members are a way profitable than the casual members. For club members the club provide besides flying comfortable facilities like bad and catering services but for casual flyers only flying experience. Finally in case of volume the club has 150 club members’ vs 700 casual flyers. 3 - Chart the five performance objectives to show the differing expectations of club members and casual flyers and compare these with the actual service delivered ? Cost: The cost incurred is always an important aspect for any organization. It is same in case of Long Ridge Gliding Club also. The member’s want the services at a price which covers the operating cost of the business and the casual flyers want a lifetime experience at a cheap price. From what can see in the case Long Ridge Gliding Club is offering the services at cheap and reasonable prices. Dependability: Dependability is another important factor. The casual flyers have lot of faith on the clubs they receive a dependable service. On the other hand the members don’t get a flight on some days and just have to help the casual flyers. Flexibility: Flexibility is also very important. Everyone should be flexible enough to adjust to situations. Members wants the gliders readily available for them so that they can fly anytime of the day as per their wish and on the other hand the casual flyers want to fly after paying the charges of flying and enjoy the experience. So the
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