A long night Essay

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A Long Night My mom calling to my dad says, “Bill it’s time!” In an excited frenzy we quickly, but ever so gently, helped my mom through the cold December air to the car where the veteran of child birth had already begun breathing and counting. Pulling up to the emergency entrance my dad scrambled through the ever lit hospital entrance dodging the other soon to be fathers – some of which had obviously never done this before – for the first available wheelchair. When my dad returned we helped my mom out of the car and into the wheelchair where I was asked to transport her inside while my dad parked the car. At eleven years old I was finally getting the recognition I deserved. After all, how many eleven year olds are given such a prestigious assignment? As my mother and I entered the perpetual retracting doors I was immediately relieved of my position. With a little regret I handed over my mother and watched as the nurse commanded the immediate clearing of a path towards the elevator where she was taken directly to the delivery room. At that moment my dad walked in with eagerness in his step and ushered me to his side as he signed some papers and confirmed the number of the room. As we proceeded to the next floor he explained to me that despite my current age I would not be admitted to the actual delivery room until after the baby had come. After reluctantly agreeing to wait in at least the vicinity of the waiting room my dad handed me a few dollars for the vending machines and disappeared through the double swinging doors – now the wait. I had already been waiting for nine months, and now all I could do was wait some more. I plopped myself into a corner chair that was actually five chairs all hooked together and began contemplating, but more importantly, I was hoping. You see, I had been waiting nine months, not for a new baby, but to know if this baby would be a
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