Long Hours at Work: are they dangerous and do people consent to them?

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Summary Statement The article I am reviewing looks at the potential links between the number of accidents within the workplace and the number of hours worked. Authors Main Discussion Topics Working long hours at work has been a hotly contested debate with industrial relations and occupational health and safety bodies regularly reviewing the amount of hours people are prepared or allowed to work. The main discussions from the article are focused on trying to find a positive relationship between accidents or illness in the work place and the number of hours worked. There are also other variables such as the consent from employees on working hours, the nature of work positions, intensity of workloads and the effects of stress and illness on productivity. He looks in to the costs associated with accidents in the work place and references a US study saying in now runs in to the billions for compensation claims each year. The Savery and Lucks example looks at the association with long hours and work place accidents and discuss theories to explain why employees are more likely to fall prone to illness or injury when subjected to long working hours. Due to an increased focus on Occupational Health and safety in workplaces over the last decades, the total amount of hours worked by employees appears to have steadily fallen With this fall in working hours, reported accidents and illnesses declined. Another US study within the Steel industry referenced the number of lost workdays from illness and injury from 1988 through to 1992 was a result of fewer working hours (Robertson, 1994). So the author is suggesting we are getting smarter each year in helping identifying certain job roles that need additional resources to help ease too much over time demands. Theres mention of a Japanese phenomenon of working hard, and that overwork leading to death, has actually been

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