Long and Short Term Effects of Cannibus

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Long and short term effects of marijuana Cannabis also known as marijuana is dried, shredded leaves, stems, and flowers from a hemp plant. It was introduced to the United States in 1611 by Jamestown settlers who bought it to Virginia to cultivate to get hemp.-drugfreeworld.com. This was legal until the Cival War ended then they were only allowed to use it for medical purpose to treat illness. Marijuania has many short and long term effects. The short term effects are also known as the high and they include lack of coordination, increased appetite, increased heart rate and short term memory loss. Some long term effects include changes in brain, paranoia, respiratory problems and depression. Lack of coordination which tends to make a person become clumsy or unsteady is often due to increased amounts being injected or inhaled. People tend to not be able to function properly when using marijuana. Another short term side effect is increased heart rate. When your heart beat increases it usually indicates that it is requiring more oxygen and therefore the heart has to work extremely hard. Your cardiac muscles blood flow is reduced due to that. Increased heart rate is your body panic mechanism. This is also the reason many marijuana users tend to be paranoid. www.grasscity.com Another short- term effect of marijuana is memory-loss marijuana effects the hippocampus which is the part of that converts information into short –term memory. There is a decrease in the activity of the nerve cells in brain. This results in the brains inability to register new information. The process is prolonged because the brain is too relaxed. Another short- term effect is increased appetite. It has been shown that smoking marijuana increases metabolism. When smoked, marijuana releases the brain pleasure chemical, dopamine producing a euphoric high. This affects the

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