Long an, My Home Town Essay

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Long An province is bordered by Ho Chi Minh city and Tay Ninh province on the East, by Campodia on the North, by Dong Thap province on the West and by Tien Giang province on the South. Long An is in humid monsoon tropical climate. As being bordered by the South East and South West, it is both of specific characteristics of the Mekong River Delta and of it's special characteristics of the East Delta. In my home town have a few historical and cultural relics as Hundred column house vestige, Nguyen Huynh Duc Tomb and temple, Ton Thanh Pagoda historic vestige. Located in My Loc commune, Can Giuoc district, Ton Thanh pagoda is famous in history and literature. At first, Ton Thanh pagoda was named Lan Nha pagoda established by Vien Ngo zen master in 1808. From his young age he was alreday devout and asked his parent permission to became a Buddism monk. His father tried to prevent him by saying "I've heard that in Buddism everything is Synyate-Emptiness, including your physical body. You would like to became a monk, so let hold this hot piece of live coal in your hard for me to light the cigarette. Then I can belive your determination to lead religious life". At that time, he did extractly what his father requested. Then his father allowed him to pursue his aspiration. Sixteen years after the dead of Buddism monk Vien Ngo, Ton Thanh pagoda has become the historical vestige with the famous novel of "Funeral ration for Can Giuoc righteous soldiers" by the blind poet Nguyen Dinh Chieu. In my hometown, people here are most farmers, thay were very gentle, friendly. I love my hometown very much. It's a beautiful village and

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