Lonesome Howl Essay

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Lonesome Howl Steven Herrick Name: ................................................................. Lucy and Jake are adolescent characters who live in very different family situations in two neighbouring country properties at Wolli Creek near Sheldon Mountain – a place that Lucy refers to as “the arse-end of the earth”. The story involves the events that bring these two adolescents together and also the past histories of the two families who have struggled to maintain these small farms. The novel is written in verse and is divided into ten parts. Part One: Lucy Part one introduces Lucy and her family situation. We only see this situation through Lucy’s eyes and this invites us to empathise and sympathise with her experiences and feelings about her family. Herrick presents the grandmother as a kind of wise old woman who has planted the seeds of resilience in Lucy. 1. Why is Lucy’s mother so passive in this situation ? 2. Why does she say: “I don’t want to fight”? 3. Why is Lucy’s father so hostile? 4. Why does Lucy’s mother counsel Lucy to “keep out of his way”? Part Two: Jake In this section we meet Jake and his family. 1. In what ways is Jake’s family different from Lucy’s family? 2. Focus on the two poems – “The wolf story” (p26) and “The wolf at Wolli Creek’ (pp 27-28). a. What effect does the wolf’s presence have on Jake’s father? b. What effect does his father’s story have on him? c. Is the wolf real? d. If the wolf is not real, what is the best explanation for the father’s experience? Part Three: Holidays In this section we see the end of school and the beginning of the holidays with the two characters interacting in their family situations. The contrast between the two fathers is highlighted in their approaches to killing animals. Peter has
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