Lonely Lady Essay

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The fox fur showed Miss Brill’s mind and surroundings, so the fox fur is she. There are two scenes the author wrote about the fox fur on first and end in the story. Both of them showed Miss Brill’s feeling. First scene is that she opened a box the fox fur put in. When she saw it, she felt that fox’s eyes looked sad. The scene showed her mind had felt lonely for a long time in a small, dark, and cold box like the fox. The fox’s little broken nose showed a scar, which is a kind of sad, in her mind during her lonely life. However, this scene also showed her secure and pleasure because the fox could go out the box. She and the fox went to the place they can meet people from the lonely home. The fox in first scene had a little pleasure and expectation about the day she would spend. On the other hand, the fox in the last scene showed her sadness because of the couple’s conversation. Before she heard it, she was really happy because she realized she is necessary person for plays and actress. She thought she was beautiful like her favorite fox even thought she was old, but she noticed she is miserable and unsuitable for the actress by the conversation they criticized the fox. When she closed the box, she heard the fox fur crying instead of her. Also, her mind was crying with lonely fox. . Honey cake with almond for Ms. Brill is special play. Honey cake shows that regular plays she acts. Almond means special things that makes her happy. It is some spices in play. Sometime, she heard interesting conversation. Sometime she worked harder as actress. Honey cake with almond shows the day she was
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