Loneliness Will Find a Home in Everbody

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Loneliness will find a Home in Everybody William’s A streetcar named desire shows Loneliness through Blanche and Mitch. Blanche’s husband dies, which leads her to live with her sister Stella in Elysian Fields. Characterization is used to describe Mitch who is also lonely and helps cope blanche when she is lonely. Mitch uses his kindness to help comfort her. Blanche has the help from Mitch but also uses young men and alcohol. Blanche has had conflicts from the very beginning like losing her husband. In The streetcar Named desire by Tennessee Williams he uses Loneliness to show one of Blanches main problems and how she overcomes it. Blanche manipulates Mitch’s chivalry to overcome her loneliness. Mitch one of Stanley’s good friends and has a crush on Blanche has a sick and elderly mother, so doesn’t have a lot of time to spend time with his friends. Mitch says “I like you to be exactly the way that you are, because in all my-experiences I have never known anyone like you.” (Williams, s.6,103). This scene Mitch and Blanche open to each other, Blanche tells him about how her husband died. Mitch tells Blanche he is also alone to help ease her, Mitch thinks that he has found his soul mate. Blanche is using Mitch to get that chivalry out of him, and to overcome her loneliness. Mitch is not the only man she uses to help over come her loneliness. Blanche will use any young man to help overcome her loneliness. There are several references that prove Blanche is on the hunt for younger men. Before Blanche moves to Elysian Fields she worked as an English teacher, which meant that she was around young men and women, and had engaged in an affair with a seventeen-year-old boy. Blanche is attempting to seduce a young man collecting money for “The Evening Star”. After kissing him she says “Now run along, now, quickly! It would be nice to keep you, but I’ve got to be good-

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