Loneliness Theme In Frankenstein

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Charlene Keeler Writing 39a -Final Draft 10/25/2011 Thriving For a Companion Novelist Mary Shelley, in her gothic romance novel, Frankenstein, introduces a man named Victor, whose obsession with science and philosophy leads him to create a living creature from dead materials. Victor sacrifices everything to create this monster, but eventually he abandons the creature and leaves him to be a helpless outcast. The main themes that the author conveys in the novel are loneliness and rejection. Feelings of loneliness and rejection make it harder to regulate behavior and can lead to serious violence and danger. Shelley tries to differentiate emotions and logic expressed by the creature to appeal to Frankenstein's sense of integrity and responsibility…show more content…
The monster's actions proved to Victor that he was thriving for a female companion. The monster's use of emotion and logic to appeal Frankenstein's sense of responsibility creates a theme of isolation When Victor spends two years creating his monster, he becomes lost in his studies and isolates himself from society. The monster on the other hand becomes resentful because he becomes overwhelmed with rejection and isolation. Those feelings lead to anger and rage and in return he tries to make Victor feel as isolated as possible. In sum, isolation becomes the worst imaginable fate throughout the novel, which leads to violence, rage and disaster. Knowledge, social responsibility, society's view of beauty, and secrecy are the major themes that were presented in this gothic novel. Shelley identifies the most hideous of human characteristics in Victor and his monster, and she focuses on how obsession can be a very dangerous and blinding force that leads to various disasters. Frankenstein and his monster represent the good and the bad through the reckless pursuit of knowledge. Both of these characters were afraid of rejection. Their poor decisions and irresponsibility lead them towards loneliness and
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