Loneliness Looms Large in Old Age

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Hello Friends. I am Smriti Bahl, Superintendent of “Nirvaana” The Old Age Home in Salt Lake. I have come here to address you about the problem of loneliness being faced by the elderly of this generation. I want to begin with a few lines from a poem by Wayne Brown The quiet has been upon me for days Nothing comes to my door I stare at the walls; rock in my chair Listen to creaking boards in the floor I guess that I’m too old to matter anymore No one really cares what I say I have my thoughts, my opinions, and my words But who really cares about them anyway? These lines are a clear reflector of the mental plight of the old people .Aging is a series of processes that begin with life and continues throughout the life cycle. It represents the closing period in the lifespan, a time when the individual looks back on life, lives on past accomplishments and begins to finish off his life course. Loneliness looms large in old age. Partners, friends, and relatives literally die on you. Your social circle keeps getting smaller with years. And the clammy fingers of death play a fearsome tune on your spine. Failing health, along with a decreased level of activity or social life can make old age frightening. Visualize, my dear friends, an old man sitting next to a solitary window in his room…looking outside, he is pondering….. God never planned it this way; I’ll never believe God expected better of us and more He expected faith, trust, love, and caring Laughter filling the air; many faces to adore But loneliness and solitude are the reality today Busy, busy lives all hurrying to and fro And I sit here lonely in my rocking chair For that knock that never comes to my door Take time to talk to people older than yourself, and the older, the better. When was the last time you sat down with someone two or more generations before yours and had a really good
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