London Traffic Jams Essay

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DEALING WITH TRAFFIC JAMS IN LONDON The project dealing with traffic jams was so vast that the risks associated with it were also too many: * Dependability on Vendors/consultants. * Success estimation when integrating all subprojects. * Quality of all the equipment required for the project. * Budget estimation and ensuring the cost between upper and lower limit. * Extent of communication between all managers. * Estimation of the size of the project is very important to divide the tasks. Management strategies recommended can be: 1. Establish the tasks priority. 2. Build effective relationship between all modules of the project. 3. Using compiled data in an effective manner. 4. Manage the deliverables rather than activities. 5. Process of deciding which technologies and communications methods to implement. 6. Creating a unit to make consumers aware of the purpose and process of the project. They split the project in sub parts rather than trying to manage as one whole. Relationships were managed effectively between all modules. All drivers were made aware of the procedure to fill taxes and the purpose of the project was also explained to them. Methodologies applied in this project were combination of Agile and SDLC. Yes, this seems a rational approach, because, the problem was identified, requirements were stored, design and construction was prepared and then the verification, implementation was done. Also Agile because they started with low traffic so that the difficulties faced during implementation can be improved. When a project is outsourced, internal group should be the one controlling all decisions, support can be provided with the outsourcer. The decision power should be within the internal company, because they are aware of all intricacies. Outsourced company would have limited knowledge of the part of the

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