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An Investigation into Features of Design Thinking in Fast Moving Consumer Goods Brand Development: Integration and Collaboration Younjoon Lee, PhD student, Lancaster University, UK Martyn Evans, Senior Lecturer, Lancaster University, UK Abstract Most companies and researchers have no doubt now that design envisages a way toward future products, services, and systems. Recently, however researchers have started to highlight ‘design thinking’ to ensure that design becomes the next competitive advantage in companies. They acknowledge that design thinking enables companies to develop differentiated products, services and systems which consumers and users need. However, there is little research which reports how design thinking can be embedded and fostered in different business contexts, especially in FMCG (Fast Moving Consumer Goods) brand development. This paper investigates what features of design thinking are employed in FMCG brand development via stakeholder interviews in three domains: agencies, companies, and retailers. This paper concludes with suggestions of how design thinking can be embraced in FMCG brand development. Keywords Design thinking; brand development; Fast Moving Consumer Goods; design integration, and collaboration Branding is a key strategic asset for organisations in an increasingly competitive retail environment (Lincoln & Thomassen, 2007; Thomassen, Lincoln & Aconis, 2006; LePla & Parker, 2002; Southgate, 1994). Brand development is a complicated process in which stakeholders have different needs and expectations of the development process. Hence, to ensure that brands can be both competitive and sustainable, an understanding of integration and collaboration between different disciplines is of prime importance to the various stakeholders involved (Olins, 2007; Mozota, 2003). Literature suggests that design can assist in

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